Property Tax

The following individuals will typically come up against property tax issues:

  • developers
  • investors
  • home owners
  • builders & tradesmen

When we refer to Property Tax, we are referring to a Range of Taxes surrounding property transactions, being:

  • stamp duty land tax
  • capital gains tax
  • CIS tax
  • PAYE
  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • VAT

Questions an investor may be faced with are:

  • What is the best structure to reduce tax on rental income?
  • What can I claim as tax deductible expense?
  • Am I an investor or am I classed as a trader/ developer?
  • Do I get any allowance for the time I live in the property
  • Should I take out a mortgage or not?
  • Do I need to charge VAT on the rent?

Questions a builder, developer or tradesman may be faced with are:
Area of VAT:

  • Is there an option to tax on this property & how do I get it amended?
  • At what rate am I charging VAT? Zero, reduced rate or standard rate?
  • What VAT can I reclaim?
  • How is a partial exemption calculated?

Area of PAYE/ CIS:

  • Are all the tradesmen caught by the CIS Scheme & have they been verified?
  • Is the worker employed or self-employed?
  • What structure would be best for me to trade as?
  • What rate will my profit be taxed at?

The answers to all these questions will all depend on your personal circumstances and will need tailored advice.

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