Companies House


Company Name & Address

You must include your company’s name on all company documents, publicity and letters.

On business letters, order forms, invoices and websites, you must show:

  • the company’s registered number
  • its registered office address
  • where the company is registered (England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland)
  • the fact that it’s a limited company (usually by spelling out the company’s full name including ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’)


Annual Return

The Annual Return is a snapshot of the Company Details at a certain point in time. 

This will include:

  • Registered Office Address
  • Directors details
  • Company secretary details
  • Shares issued
  • Share holders

There is a nominal online filing fee required by Companies House on an Annual Basis.


As your Agents, we can prepare other documentation concerning changes to the company's structure as and when they occur. These could include:

  • allotment new shares
  • transferring shares
  • reorganising the share capital
  • appointing and resigning directors and company secretaries
  • changing director or company secretary details
  • change of company name
  • 12pay
  • kashflow
  • quickbooks
  • sagelogo
  • xero